Grayson "gray" Rogers

Multimedia Talent

My jobs and....uh, stuff

Hey, I'm Grayson! Or You Can Call Me By What Everyone Else Calls Me:
(Cuz they are too lazy to say my full name) Gray!
I'm a Kid From Cali, With a BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC, BIG OL' Dream!
And That Dream Isn't Really All That Big But Um..heh, Who Cares Am I Right?!
Anyway, I'm Currently an Online Voice Actor, and Screen Actor! I'm Also a Pretty Good Animator for only 14! (Like Seriously, god, does my blood have a bit of Walt?!)
And, Just Like Everybody Else, I'm Now Gonna List A Few Of The Things I Have Been A Part Of, And The People I Have Worked With. (Just Kidding I'm Saying All Of Them.)

My Projects


FATMAN (my lil miniseries!)


Shop Re:Pop


Androids Aren't Funky (fnf jam anim)

Valley Childrens Commercial

Custard Stand Chili Commercial (CSC was on Shark Tank)

The Outlasting Life

(soon will be auditioning for Cartoon Network Projects And Nick Projects (maybe even some disney!) )

Ninjamuffin99: Coder, Weeb (kinda)
Corey Levier: Voice Actor and Podcast Host

WandaBoy: Animator, Bass Slapper

Snackers: Animator, Anime Lover, Podcast Host

Zachery "Zachdewd" Vanzile: Animator, BIG OL WEEB

Derek Carr: Raiders Quarterback, Epic Guy

Facu: Animator, Youtuber, Monkey Lover

Yotam Perel: Animator, Musician, Voice Actor, Curly Haired Man

Dogl: Multimedia Artist, also a we- HOW MANY OF YOU LIKE ANIME??! OH MY GOD.

ExitsHere: Youtuber, Host of RE: Opal, and SHOP RE:POP

What These People Have Made!:
Ninjamuffin99: Created Breathing Simulator (the most notable creation of his!) and Friday Night Funkin'

Corey Levier: Host of the Newgrounds Podcast, and the voice of many, many characters.

Wandaboy: Animated For The Newgrounds Sketch Collab 2019, and a Video for the FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN JAM on

Snackers: Creator Of An Original Series Named: Duncan And Jones; and host the Newgrounds Podcast. He Has Also Participated In Several Collabs, Including: SuperMega: Quest For GF, The Bartman Reanimate Collab (he hosted it!), Kirby Reanimated Collab, and more!

Zachdewd: He Made a lil miniseries called: BKNK (I voice the main character!) He Does Work For DA Games, Collaborated With TWOMADZ, and SMASHBITS Animation!

Derek Carr: He Is One Of The Current Quarter Backs For The RAIDERS Football Team! (who doesn't know who he is?!)

Facu: Facu Is An Animator Who Created Videos Parodying DISCORD, TF2, And Friday Night Funkin' And Has Amassed over 60k subs on Youtube...He Also Likes Monkeys.

Yotam Perel: Yotam Is A Storyboard Artist For C.H GreenBlatt's: JELLYSTONE, and Animated A Short For Comedy Central's TripTank. He Was The Voice Of Harrison On Camp Camp, Did Some Additional Work for THE END For EDDSWORLD and Has Worked With: Arin Hanson, OneyNG, Johnny Utah, and Much More.

Dogl: He Is A Voice Actor Mainly And Is The Voice Of RICKET from Zeurel's Pilot: MONKEY WRENCH

Thats About It! Contact Me On The CONTACT PAGE! (ya dopes)

(Extras: The Podcast That Snackers and Corey Host Together Has Had SR. PELO and MeatCanyon On As Guest!)

My Tests Things/ Doodles / Toons / reanimate scenes!

My Characters!

Otto! (bknk)

Long Guy (image unavailable but design is complete, this character is for eucastastrophe)

Batman( for my miniseries FATMAN!)

Jack (The OutLasting Life)

Headcanon BoyFriend (yeah im some people's headcanon lol)

Cat Guy (there's not a name for him, he's a reoccuring bg character)